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ENGL 378: Get Started

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DC Library

Waterloo's engineering, mathematics, and science library is located in the Davis Centre building.

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Course reserves

Course reserves are reccomended or required readings from your instructors. They can include lecture notes, assignment solutions, print books, e-books, online journal articles, or excerpts from other published sources.

Log in to course reservces using your WatIAM information.

Research guide

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Find a Topic

Use these strategies to help you choose a research topic if you are required to select your own and don't already have one in mind.

Make sure your topic meets the criteria required for your assignment (for example, a current event or related to a math profession).

Please note that broad topics will need to be narrowed down for a research paper (by brainstorming, performing background research, or discussing it with others). For example, 'cybersecurity' is too broad. A focused research topic within "cybersecurity" like, "raising awareness of security threats through cyber activism" is a better option.

Your librarian

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Rebecca Hutchinson
DC 1547
Davis Centre Library
University of Waterloo
519-888-4567 x33214

Developing your research topic