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GIS Subject Guide: Getting Started

This Subject Guide provides you with many of the GIS resources you need to get started as well as continue using GIS in your coursework.

Subject Guide

About This Guide

This guide is a collection of all the geospatial resources that are available to you from the Geospatial Centre.   The Geospatial Centre is the campus' hub for GIS resources, including GIS data, workshops, tutorials, assistance and software.  This guide organizes all the resources that are available to you, the novice or expert GIS user. 

Discovering and Using Historical Geographic Resources on the Web

Image of Discovering and Using Historical Geographic Resources on the Web

Getting Started with GIS: a LITA Guide / Eva Dodsworth

Image of Getting Started with GIS: a LITA Guide book

Using GIS

GIS, or Geographical Information Systems, is a multi-disciplinary technology that can easily convert textual and tabular information into a graphical display of spatial relations. 

Every year, thousands of students across the uWaterloo campus learn about and utilize GIS technology for map making, plotting survey results, and spatial analysis.  The library plays a large role in education students and faculty on GIS by offering introductory and advanced workshops, as well as visiting classrooms and demonstrating how the technology can easily be incorporated into coursework. 

If you have any questions about GIS, or GIS resources, please contact your Geospatial Data Services Librarian, Eva Dodsworth.

Geospatial Centre Location

About Me

Eva Dodsworth is the Geospatial Data Services Librarian at the University of Waterloo Library where she is responsible for the provision of leadership and expertise in developing, delivering, and assessing geospatial data services and programs offered to members of the UW community.

 Eva’s particular interests focus on the promotion, teaching and training of GIS-related resources to the novice student, faculty and librarian.