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WATPD: Get Started

This guide is designed to help Mathematics and Science students conduct research for their work term reports.

Research guide

"To write a successful technical report you have to perform smart research. By the end of your WatPD course, you will understand differences between primary and secondary research. You will know how to recognize and utilize academic research. You’ll be able to research ethically and honestly while citing correctly. You’ll know how to synthesize research – critically reinterpreting it and folding it into your report. And you’ll know how to use research to connect workplace and academic contexts. This Guide offers you terrific resources to accomplish all of these goals."  -WatPD

Are you off campus?

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DC Library

Waterloo's engineering, mathematics, and science library is located in the Davis Centre building.

Picture of the DC Library entrance

Math, Computer Science, Physics Librarian


Rebecca Hutchinson
DC 1547
Davis Centre Library
University of Waterloo
519-888-4567 x33214