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Supporting - researchers, instructors, post-docs, students and staff.

1) Helps you  identify and use information resources relevant to your research

2) Helps you define your information needs

3) Helps you access information

4) Helps you manage your information 

5) Helps you evaluate and select information

6) Creates workshops, course assignments and research guides for specific courses in biology

7) Helps you navigate copyright, open access, data management, institutional repositories, academic integrity, and citation tracking

8) Collaborates with you on knowledge synthesis projects, including: narative reviews, scoping reviews and systematic reviews



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sfxuwLook for this link in all of our databases. 

  Biology and Business; Popular Science sources

See also: Find and Use Resources > Research and Journal databases; Factiva, Lexis Nexis, Expanded Academic Index, CBCA, Canadian Periodical Index  

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  Who is Citing this Article?

Articles that cite your article can be relevant to your research. Discover how a known idea or innovation has been confirmed, applied, improved, extended, or corrected. Search forward in the research literature.

Databases which include citation searching:

Web of Science


Google Scholar