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Psychology: Journal Articles

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Already know the article you need?  Use these tools to search for the journal title at the uWaterloo Library. 

Find Citations

To find articles on a specific subject use a relevant database.  Databases for Psychology are located in this guide on the Find Citations page.

Once you have your citation

Getting your article in 3 easy steps (or less).

If the database you are using includes the "Get it at Waterloo" link, that should be your starting point.  Click it to see if you can get full text-online access directly from the database.  Some databases also offer access top the PDF directly.  If that method fails, continue with the steps below.

  Step 1: E journal titles database

Search for the journal title in our Ejournal collection.  Tip: check to make sure we own the year of publication that you need.

  Step 2: Primo

If the journal is not listed in the Ejournal title database (see above), it may be available in print or at UG or WLU.  Use Primo to determine if it is available in another format.

  1. Search Primo by journal title. If the journal is in print at UW you can go and copy it yourself.
  2. If the journal is in print at UG/WLU, scroll down the page to the link ' Request an article via TUGDoc'.
  3. Complete the form which appears. A copy will be made and mailed to the location you select.
  4. If you are a graduate student or faculty member you may also have copies made of journals from UW. 
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e.g., king AND shakespeare NOT lear

 Step 3: Journal Articles Not Available at UW

Order article through RACER

  • If the material you need is not in Primo, you can request it in RACER.
  • Login with your last name/barcode to search RACER catalogue for a library record to automatically complete the request form OR fill in a blank request.
  • This service generally takes up to 10 business days. Usually no cost. If there is a cost, you will be contacted before the order is finalized.
  • RACER helps and hints.  Highly recomended for beginners.