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 Call Number

Artificial intelligence

Q 300-390

Computer applications – Medicine

R 858-859

Computer graphics

T 385-390

Computer Science – General

QA 75-76.1

Computer Science – Profession

QA 76.2-3


Q 300-390

Electronics Industry – Computing

HD 9696-9697

Information Technology

T 58.4-58.9

Information theory

Q 300-390

Knowledge representation

Q 300-390

Digital Computers

 QA 76.5

     Microcomputer workstations

QA 76.525

     Mobile computing

QA 76.59

     Multimedia systems

QA 76.575

     Online data processing

QA 76.55-.57

     Parallel processing

QA 76.58

     Real-time data processing

QA 76.54


 QA 76.6

     Functional programming

QA 76.62

     Logic programming

QA 76.63


QA 76.635

     Object-oriented programming

QA 76.64

     Parallel programming

QA 76.642


QA 76.6

     Systems programming

QA 76.66

     Visual programming

QA 76.65

Programming languages

QA 76.7-.73

Software and software engineering

QA 76.75-.76

     Expert systems

QA 76.75-.76


QA 76.75-.76

     Hypertext systems

QA 76.75-.76

     Operating systems

QA 76.75-.76

Special computers and computer systems

QA 76.8


QA 76.8


QA 76.8


QA 76.8


QA 76.9

Human-computer interaction

QA 76.9

Neural networks

QA 76.87

Pen-based computers

QA 76.89


QA 76.9


QA 76.9

Supercomputers. High-performance computing

QA 76.88