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Philosophy : Find Articles

This subject guide describes the University of Waterloo Library's resources and services that support research in Philosophy.

Varieties of Articles

Scholarly Journal Article

Written by a researcher or expert in the field; appears in a peer-reviewed (refereed) journal

Book Review

Analyisis of a book's style, content, and merit  

Popular Magazine Article

Appears in a weekly or monthly publication; not always signed; may lacks citations or reference list

Newspaper Article

Appears in a daily or weekly publication, may be general interest or current events focus

Essay in a Collection

Sometimes called a "book article", it is a chapter in an edited book; search Primo on title of book or editor

Check If a Journal is Peer-Reviewed

Want to check if a journal that you found articles in is peer-reviewed? Search for the journal in Ulrichsweb to see if it's "referred." If it is, you know that the journal is peer-reviewed.