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A Guide for Entrepreneurs
by Rachel Figueiredo - Last Updated Mar 24, 2017
Creating your own start up? Looking to change the world? Want to know if your idea is patentable? Let this Library website be your guide.
by Shannon Gordon - Last Updated Jan 3, 2017
Avoid Plagiarism, or How to Successfully use the Works of Others
by Kathy Szigeti - Last Updated Sep 23, 2016
Demonstrating scientific examples. Creative Commons License
Calculate Your Academic Footprint
by Shannon Gordon - Last Updated Mar 30, 2017
Company Information
by Sandra Keys - Last Updated Jan 5, 2017
Copyright and Licensing
by Annie Bélanger, Lauren Byl - Last Updated Mar 27, 2017
Evaluating Information Sources
by Helena Calogeridis - Last Updated Mar 15, 2017
Library Guide
Finding Book Reviews
by Helena Calogeridis - Last Updated Mar 22, 2017
Library Guide
Finding Patents
by Rachel Figueiredo - Last Updated Mar 9, 2016
Patents are very tricky to search for. Use this guide to learn the what, why, and where about patents, and get started with your search.
Finding Standards & Codes
by Rachel Figueiredo, Kate Mercer - Last Updated Mar 7, 2017
What they are, how to find them and how to get them
Finding Translations
by Helena Calogeridis - Last Updated Jan 13, 2017
Library Guide
GIS Subject Guide
by Eva Dodsworth - Last Updated Mar 5, 2015
This Subject Guide provides you with many of the GIS resources you need to get started as well as continue using GIS in your coursework.
Graduate Students and Academic Integrity
by Annie Bélanger, Kathy MacDonald, Jackie Stapleton - Last Updated Nov 9, 2015
Welcome to uWaterloo's Academic Integrity Guide for Graduate Students
Industry Information & Market Research
by Sandra Keys - Last Updated Jan 5, 2017
Mobile Library Services
by Aziz Aboueleinin, Tim Ireland - Last Updated Jun 27, 2013
This guide sheds light on library services available for mobile device users.
News Sources Guide
by Helena Calogeridis, Jane Forgay - Last Updated Mar 29, 2017
Identify sources for current or older stories; old newspapers on microfilm; and stories from alternative presses.
Public Opinion: Poll and Survey Sources
by Jane Forgay - Last Updated Jan 31, 2017
by RefWorks RefWorks - Last Updated Mar 9, 2017
Scholarly Teaching
by Rachel Figueiredo, Julie Timmermans - Last Updated Jan 5, 2017
This guide will assist you in conducting research for projects and grants related to scholarly teaching.
Statistics & Data
by Stats & Data Guide - Last Updated Apr 18, 2017
Using the Web for Research
by Helena Calogeridis - Last Updated Jan 24, 2017
UWaterloo Electronic Theses and Dissertations
by Lauren Byl, Kathy MacDonald, Courtney Matthews - Last Updated May 19, 2016
Everything you need to know about electronic theses and dissertations at Waterloo
Waterloo Reads
by Sarah Brown - Last Updated Oct 12, 2016