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A Guide for Entrepreneurs: Home

Creating your own start up? Looking to change the world? Want to know if your idea is patentable? Let this Library website be your guide.

Who is This Guide for?

This guide is intended to help Waterloo's entrepreneurs - from Velocity residents to Engineering students working on a profitable 4th year design project to Arts students prepping for a fund pitch to anyone with an entrepreneurial interest.

The guide is aimed at current Waterloo students, so if you are from a different demographic and require assistance contact Rachel Figueiredo under the Help and More tab of this guide. 

How Will This Guide be Helpful?

Many entrepreneurs don't look in to the current marketplace or patent landscape for their project until they are near completion. Don't make the same mistake! Research is important to the success of any business or product. Use this guide to connect with the Library's powerful research databases and develop new ideas based on existing resources. 

Navigating This Guide

To make the most of this guide, follow the tabs in order, reading the top-level tab and the tabs beneath it before moving on the the next top-level tab. Start with the Home tab and the sub-tabs beneath it before moving on to the next two tabs. Here's an overview of the information you'll find in this guide: 

  • Home Tab -  Search strategies necessary to harness the power of scholarly research & journals databases;
  • Factiva: A Basic Guide - Detailed instructions on using Factiva, one of the most useful sources of business information for Waterloo's entrepreneurs; 
  • Research & Writing - A list of useful databases that Waterloo subscribes to, in order to start your search, as well as information on citing business sources. 
  • Assessing the Industry - Connect to other relevant Research Guides to help find company information, market research, and financials; 
  • Growing Your Startup - Are you looking for a mentor? Funding? A program or course to help you through the entrepreneurial landscape? Find your right fit here; 
  • Patent Searching - A quick look at what patents are, why you need them, and where to find them.