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Book Reviews: Introduction

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What is a book review?

A book review is an overview or a brief critical assessment of a particular book. It is not the same as in-depth critical analysis.

  • frequently it offers the first critical information about a new publication
  • it is usually published in journals, magazines, and newspapers
  • it appears in a variety of lengths and styles

Why use book reviews?

Frequently they will help you to:

  1. evaluate and criticize a book
  2. summarize the contents of a book
  3. learn something about the author of the book
  4. compare the book with similar other books
  5. decide whether to add a book to your reading list for a research topic

It is easiest to find a pertinent book review if you know:

  1. the author's full name
  2. the complete title of the book
  3. the year the book was published

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