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Waterloo LibGuides for guide authors: Get Started

Defines the University of Waterloo Library best practices, guidelines, and useful How-Tos for guide authors.

How to Create A Guide

Creating a new guide:

Use the template to create a research or course guide:

Formatting your new guide:

Template sets colours and fonts globally using CSS. As well a set of core tabs is included in the Waterloo LibGuides Template. This is to ensure usability and a common look and feel across all Waterloo LibGuides.

Adding content:

Managing Your LibGuides Account

Logging in:

  • Go to the Waterloo LibGuides main page.
  • Enter your UW email address (including and your LibGuides password.
    • If you've forgotten your password, contact the Waterloo LibGuides administrator, Esther Millar, to have it reset.
    • Note: You can also click on Admin Sign In from any LibGuides page, then click on Edit My Account on the orange command bar at the top to manage your account.
  •  This will take you to "Edit My Account" (your main administration page) from which you can edit your account and create your profile.

Changing your password:

  • Enter a new password and click on Save Changes.

Setting Up/Editing Your Profile

Your profile contains descriptive information about who you are; what you do; and, how to contact you. 

Profile Location

By default, the Profile Box appears in the right-most column of every page of the guide.The Profile Box is to be kept/placed in the right-most column. This is both for usability and for accessibility.

The Profile Box must appear on the Get Started tab and on the Help & More tab. On the remaining tab, consistently either put it in or remove it.

Create/Edit Your Profile:

To create or edit your profile, click on Customize Profile Box from your "Edit My Account" page. Enter or edit information in the following boxes:

Profile Box Title

This announces who you are to the reader. It tells people why they should care. The title should:

  • Be meaningful to the reader in the context of the guide. E.g., Subject Specialist, Liaison Librarian.
    • It can be changed in each guide, but its best to have a good generic one in the central profile.
  • Be short so that it fits in the narrow column.

Profile Image

Upload an image of yourself. If you don't have an image or are not comfortable with posting an image to the web, contact the LibGuide administrator.

The image should be:

  • Current, and kept current.
  • A photograph OR A true representation of you (e.g., a cartoon or drawing).

Display Name

Enter your name as you want to be addressed, or known as.

Contact Info

Enter your phone number, location, and other contact information.

For the location, make sure to use the official library name.

  • Dana Porter Library
  • Davis Centre Library
  • Musagetes Architecture Library
  • University Map Library
  • Witer Learning Resource Centre


All email links will lead to a personalized contact form. This will allow us to protect your account against spam emails. (Note: See the *exception below.)

Subject Specialty

Enter the subject areas you cover. Use Title Case.

Website/Blog (Optional):

If you have a work-related website or blog you want to link to, enter the URL here.

IM / Network Usernames

If you use Twitter, Facebook, etc. and you want to share it with students, enter them here.

Customize Profile Page

Available from your "Edit My Account" page. Here you can add "Office Hours" and a friendly URL for your profile page.

Your librarian

Kathy Szigeti's picture
Kathy Szigeti
Davis Centre Library
Room 1553
519.888.4567 ext.38785


The University of Waterloo Library wishes to thank Boston College and Ken Liss for allowing us to use their LibGuides for Guide Authors as the basis for our guide.

The Library also wishes to thank the Waterloo LibGuides Implementation Group:

  • Annie Bélanger
  • Nancy Collins
  • Sherriza Khan
  • Rose Koebel
  • Esther Millar
  • Bill Oldfield
  • Kathy Szigeti