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Public Service: PS 611

Ministrial areas & related databases

Children, Community and Social Services
(Training,) Colleges and Universities
Health and Long-Term Care

Scholarly databases (multidisciplinary)

Report sources (government & agencies)

Canadian Public Policy Custom Search Engine

Search for example, the Pembina Institute, Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives, Fraser Institute, and over 200 more). This Google Custom Search Engine, created by a University of Saskatchewan librarian, searches only these 200+ sites.

Brainstorm search terms relating to your multi-year plan program

List search terms that will target documents that pertain to your ministry's cost saving initiatives.

Government Budget reduction Initiative / Topic / Program
tax* "public private partnerships" "nurse practitioners"
"public funds" "cost benefit" apprenticeships
  austerity "educational assistants"
  "resource allocation"  
Sample search strings:

funding AND "educational assistants"
government AND "cost benefit*" AND midwi*
apprenticeships AND "public private partnerships" AND (ontario OR canada)


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