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Primary source collection trials: Four databases under review

Explore four Gale Primary Source collections until February 26, 2021

Here's your chance to "test drive" these collections and provide feedback.

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Database descriptions and access

Here are the four databases (collections) we are reviewing until February 26, 2021.

From: Gale's Archives of Sexuality & Gender

Drawing of a police officer nabbing a suspect, circa 1850s
From: Gale's Crime, Punishment, and Popular Culture

Result screen shows article on the Mackenzie pipeline. From Akwesasne Notes vol 7 (4), 1975.
From: Akwesasne Notes. Vol.7 (4). 1975, p. 21.

From: The Fourth World. Vol. 1 (1). 1971, p. 7.

Selection rationale

We picked these databases to review for a few reasons. They:
  • cover areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion, collection areas we are working to build
  • seem relevant to research areas in English, Gender and Social Justice, History, Indigenous Studies, Legal Studies, Sociology, Political Science, Recreation and Leisure Studies, and others
  • are "digital scholar" friendly, meaning they can be used with tools such as Ngram, sentiment analysis, and parts of speech analyser as part of source(s) analysis

Information on Library-run trials

Vendor database trials:
  • are a cost-free way for the Library to "test drive" content that is normally behind a paywall
  • are typically 1 month long
  • do not necessarily result in the Library obtaining them
Factors typically considered:
  • cost
  • whether researchers have expressed an interest in the content
  • whether the content helps fill collection gaps
  • whether the content supports current or emerging research methodologies
  • whether the content is accessible
Other trials we are running:

Your feedback

1. Vote for the database you would like the Library to look into further (anonymous poll)
Crime, Punishment, and Popular Culture, 1790–1920: 2 votes (10.53%)
Indigenous Peoples of North America: 8 votes (42.11%)
Women's Studies Archive: 6 votes (31.58%)
None of these: 1 votes (5.26%)
Late entry: Archives of Sexuality & Gender: 2 votes (10.53%)
Total Votes: 19
2. Email us by March 1, 2021