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Author Rights: Get Started

Information for researchers to consider during the publication process.

Information on this Guide

This guide provides information on copyright, as it relates to issues authors may face when publishing in an academic context. 

This guide contains three sections:

1. Your Rights, and Keeping Them

Information about your rights under the Canadian Copyright Act, and as a student, professor, instructor, or researcher at the University of Waterloo. Guidance on how to keep your rights is provided. 

2. Publication Considerations

This section will help you understand some of the things to consider before choosing a venue in which to publish your work. 

3. Theses Concerns

This section deals specifically with issues relating to finalizing your thesis and depositing in UWSpace. 


We are aware that many graduate students and post-docs are being approached with offers to publish their theses. Please read "Have you been contacted by a Publisher?" for more information. 

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