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Classical Studies: Ancient Texts

This subject guide describes the University of Waterloo Library's resources and services that support research in Classical Studies.

What is a Primary Source?

A primary source is an original material produced at the time of the period or event being studied. 

A secondary source is an interpretation or analysis of a primary source.

A tertiary source summarizes information from primary and secondary sources in encyclopedia articles or subject dictionary entries.

Primary Source Electronic Texts

Is the Text Available Locally in Print?

Search the Library's catalogue (Omni) using the ancient author as your search term in the author field. Include the editor or series name to retrieve a specific edition.

The major series that publish translations of classical authors include the Penguin Classics, Oxford World Classics, and the Loeb Classical Library.

Find Texts by Ancient Authors

Consult these reference works to find a bibliography of the works written by an ancient author and the various editions and translations as well as important secondary sources such as critical studies. 

Ancient Writers: Greece and Rome.
Ref PA3002.A5 1982 Porter

Brill's New Pauly
Ref DE5 .N3913x Porter

Ancient Abbreviations

Citing Ancient Sources

Indicate in a footnote which translation you are using.