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Medieval Studies: Find Reference Works

This subject guide describes the University of Waterloo Library's resources and services that support research in Medieval Studies.

What are Reference Works and Why Should I Use Them?

Reference works may be general or discipline-specific. Types include:

  • encyclopedias
  • dictionaries
  • biographical sources
  • guides
  • handbooks
  • manuals

They are useful during the early stages of your research to provide foundational Information, such as

  • definitions of terms and the terminology appropriate for your topic
  • verification of factual information
  • overviews on your topic
  • background information and the broad context of your topic
  • establishing a coherent organizational structure for your work

Recommended Electronic Reference Works

Recommended Print Reference Works

The Cambridge Medieval History.
Ref D117.C3 Porter. (8 volume set).

Dictionary of the Middle Ages.
Ref D114.D5 1982 Porter (13 volumes).

Encyclopedia of Medieval Literature.
Ref PN669.R88 2006.