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Finding Conference Proceedings: Where to Find

Demystifying how to find conference proceeding using tools to help you search successfully and understand why conference proceedings are so hard to find.

How & Where to Search

This Search Steps Flow Chart guides you through the process of searching for a conference proceeding article:

Verify Publication Information with Proceedings Indexes - Available Online

Verify Publication Information with Proceeding Indexes - Available in Print

Where to Search - 1. Google Scholar

Where to Search - 2. Primo Search

Books & more | advanced | about & help
e.g., king AND shakespeare NOT lear

Where to Search - 3. Research Databases for Conference Proceedings

Some research databases include full-text online while others include only citations and abstracts. Use the Get it @Waterloo link to check for library access to full-text.

Where to Search - 4. Interlibrary loan search