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Studies in Islam: News & Culture


This page provides links to Internet sites about Islam and Muslims News and Culture.


- Arabic Culture through Literature and Film:  you can find five unit high school curriculum that provides students with knowledge and tools to analyze and understand the Arab world. The materials utilize a student-centered pedagogical approach that promotes critical thinking and respect and encourages engaged global citizenship.

Arabic Multimedia collection: It is an online resource with interactive learning and playing applications to further educators’ and students’ understanding and appreciation of the Arabic language, arts, culture, music and history (this blog can only be viewed by registered users of St. Lawrence University)

- Arabic Without Walls: Arabic Without Walls contains materials for three separate components broken down under the Course Content into Al-Kitaab, Interviews, and Culture. While each component may stand by itself and therefore may be studied independently, the three are designed to complement each other in Arabic Without Walls

Friends of Morocco:  Lessons in Moroccan Arabic

LangMedia: Collection of videos (can be used in elementary and intermediate courses)

Legends & Folktales: a great website for folklore & legends from around the world - some pieces are in Arabic (subtitled!) and in English as well.

- Music Layoonak: The largest Arabic music blog, with over 800 songs from over 175 artists from all over the Arabic-speaking world in translation.


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