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RefWorks (Classic): Working with Folders


To create a folder, select "New Folder" on any page. A pop-up will appear. Name your folder something descriptive.

Access your folders from the "Organize & Share Folders" tab. Note that the small drop-down menu is for moving items to folders; you cannot navigate to folders from here.



You can also access references in folders from the "View" menu at the top.


From the folders list you can rename, clear, or delete folders by clicking on the folder icon. You can also see references not in folders. Note that you do not lose your references when you clear (empty) or delete a folder. You cannot rename or delete the "Last Imported" folder.


RefWorks allows you to create subfolders to better manage your references. This feature is very helpful for large projects such as a thesis or for organizing different projects for a course. 

To create a subfolder, click on "New Folder" on any page. A pop-up will appear called "Create New Folder."

Screen shot demonstrating instructions     

Then, click on "Create Subfolder."

Screen shot demonstrating instructions

Choose the parent folder that you want the subfolder to be filed under. Then, give it an appropriate name that describes its relationship to the parent folder (i.e. "Thesis -- Chapter One" or "Biology 112").

Screen shot demonstrating instructions

Alternatively, you can also create a subfolder by clicking on the "Organize & Share Folders" tab. Click on the folder icon and then select "Create Subfolder." A pop-up will appear. Specify the parent folder and give the subfolder a name. 

Screen shot demonstrating instructions 

After you have created a new subfolder, it will appear from the "View" > "View Folder" dropdown menu.

Screen shot demonstrating instructions

Alternatively, you can also view subfolders by clicking on the "Organize & Share Folders" tab and then clicking on the subfolder:

Screen shot demonstrating instructions