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RefWorks (Classic): Bibliography on the Fly

Creating a bibliography on the fly

To create a bibliography, first navigate to the list from which you would like to work (All References, selected, or a particular folder), then select "Create Bibliography", or navigate to Bibliography > Create Bibliography:

Screen shot demonstrating instructions

In the box that opens, select your preferred output style, the references you would like to include, and the file format in which you would like your bibliography to be created. Click "Create Bibliography". Depending on the format you've selected, you will either be prompted to download the reference list (i.e. Word format), or the list will open in a new tab (HTML).


Screen shot demonstrating instructions

You can manually modify this reference list as necessary.

Note that the "Format Document" feature in the "Bibliography" menu is used in conjunction with either Write-N-Cite or One Line/Cite. It requires in-text citations to be formatted in a special code in your paper. When your paper is complete and saved, you can upload your paper using this link. Once formatted, the special code will be removed, making your in-text citations appear normal and a bibliography will be appended to the end of your paper.

To use this feature, check out the instructions for Write-N-Cite or One Line Cite.