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RefWorks (Classic): Modifying an Output Style

Modifying an Output Style

If you need an output style that RefWorks doesn't have, you can modify an existing style to meet your needs. This is almost always faster than creating a style from scratch, and highly recommended.

Before you begin, check this list to make sure that RefWorks doesn't already have the output style you're looking for. You can also send an email to to request that a specific output style be created.

Select "Bibliography", then "Output Style Editor." A lightbox will open. Select the style you wish to edit and rename it. Then click "Save."

Screen shot demonstrating instructions


The box will reload, but this time with an "Edit" button at the bottom.

There are many editing options, so make sure you're devoting your time to the ones you need! Before you start making changes, check that you are editing either the bibliography or the in-text citations as needed, the correct reference type, and the correct field.

Screen shot demonstrating instructions


Under the "Settings" section you can modify settings such as citation order, grammar between citations, and indenting.

Screen shot demonstrating instructions


For each reference type, you can edit the contents, ordering, and grammar of a citation.

Screen shot demonstrating instructions


Once you've made a change, you will have the option to preview your new style at the bottom.

Saving your style will automatically add it to your favourites.