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RefWorks (Classic): Workarounds and Tips

Write-N-Cite Tips

Make sure you download Write N Cite through Scholars Portal

Save your work as a .doc file not a .docx file

Bibliographies should only be generated when you're completely done writing

Write-N-Cite Workaround 1

If you're having problems inserting citations using Write-N-Cite but need the functionality, you can use the One Line/Cite View function.

Select the yellow brackets next to a reference in your RefWorks account.

Screen shot demonstrating instructions

These yellow brackets appear next to each reference, but it might be easier to view your references by "One Line/Cite View," which condenses the reference information.

Screen shot demonstrating instructions

A small lightbox will appear with the appropriate code. Copy and paste this code into your document where you want the in-text citation to appear.  To add another reference in the same in-text citation, click the yellow brackets icon next to the desired reference while the pop-up is still open. Copy and paste this formula into your document where you want the in-text citation to appear. You can also generate a bibliography from the references in this box. When you're ready to insert another in-text citation, make sure you hit the "Clear" button to clear the current citation information.

Screen shot demonstrating instructions

Write-N-Cite Workaround 2

Using RefWorks to Generate a Bibliography

If you're having trouble generating a bibliography using Write-N-Cite within a document, you can make one from within your RefWorks account.

Select "Create" from the "Bibliography" menu.

Screen shot demonstrating instructions


Select the required output style and browse for the document to upload. Remember, this document must already have been formatted using Write-N-Cite.

Screen shot demonstrating instructions