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RefWorks (Classic): Mac -Finding and deleting PLIST -Write-n-cite

Mac -Finding and deleting the RefWorks Write-n-cite PLIST

Finding and Deleting the RefWorks Write-N-Cite PLIST on a Mac
Finding and removing this preference file is helpful in cases when Write-N-Cite on the Mac reports an error or does not activate properly. Please make sure Write-N-Cite is not running when you follow these instructions. Once the file is located, simply drag it to the Trash.

  1. With the computer on, select the Finder from your program dock
  2. Then begin to open items in the following order:
    1. the hard drive as “Untitled 1”
    2. then, Users
    3. then the name of the user as “RWCOS”
    4. select the Library folder
    5. select the Preferences folder
    6. finally, search the list of preference files for com.refworks.wncm.plist as shown below
    7. drag the file to the Trash

PDF of the above instructions with screen captures