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RefWorks (Classic): “Length is null or not an object” message when using Write-n-cite

Write-n-cite III

This error usually occurs If you are using Write-n-Cite III (WNC III) and have brackets {{ }} that do not have any code in them.

1. To correct this error, start by using the "Tools" menu to "Revert to WNC v. 2 document".

WNC v.2 has no hidden code. All empty citation placeholders will be visible.

2. Once you have converted to WNC v. 2, or if you are using WNC 2, use Word's Find feature (Ctrl f) to find and delete instances of


{{ }}



3. Save your changes.

4. If you are using WNC III you can now go under the "Tools" menu to "Convert to WNC III"

5. Click on the “Bibliography” button and “Create Bibliography”

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