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Screencasting Guidelines:

This LibGuide outlines the best practices that must be followed when creating a screencast as part of the University of Waterloo Library.

Creating Videos for LINC

The Screencasting Guidelines are a valuable reference for any Library staff member creating screencasts, however if you are participating in the LINC screencasting process there are additional guidelines you must follow.

The LINC Video Guidelines document and the Creating LINC Videos document were created to ensure that all LINC-mandated videos are created by the same process, and that all these videos effectively represent the uWaterloo Library as a whole.

Before engaging in the LINC video creating process, please read these documents to determine your role in the process, and how to proceed.

LINC Video Guidelines: Proposing and Maintaining LINC Videos

These guidelines explain how LINC will manage the videos it publishes. Guidelines for LINC Screencasts is intended for members of LINC, anyone involved in creating LINC videos, and members of Library staff who are interested in creating or contesting a LINC video.

LINC Video Guidelines: Creating LINC Videos

The purpose of this document is to outline the various steps required when creating a LINC-mandated screencast. Processes for Creating LINC Screencasts is intended for anyone involved in creating LINC videos. Wherever there are discrepancies between this document and the Library-wide Screencasting Guidelines, this document will take precedence.

LINC Video Guidelines: Responsibilities of the LINC Video Coordinator

This document is intended to guide the Video Coordinator through the duties of their role. The contents of this document will evolve as the Video Coordinator gains more knowledge through practice.