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Screencasting Guidelines: Recording the Screen

This LibGuide outlines the best practices that must be followed when creating a screencast as part of the University of Waterloo Library.

Usability Tip

  • Provide a clean interface, clear navigation, and set of instructions.
  • When you first use Camtasia the mouse movements appear shaky. Get acquainted with this irregularity by practicing with the mouse to achieve smooth movements.

Hot Keys

Key   Description
F9 Pause Recording
F10 Stop Recording
Ctrl + M Insert Marker
Ctrl + Shift + D Activate Screendraw commands while recording

Markers are placeholders. Use these:

  • As a reminder (for example, this is where I made an error and I need to delete this section)
  • To note a new section in a long screencast
  • Set up a table of contents

Screendraw allows you to draw on your screen while you are recording.

Capturing the Screen

The Camtasia Recorder Window allows you to select Full Screen (the size of your monitor), or Custom.

Custom allows you to record a specific area of the screen.

Maintain a 9:16 ratio for your settings whether you choose Full screen or Custom. See Project Settings for the recommended recording dimensions. In this example the recording dimensions are 1920 x 1080.

Lock your setting by selecting the tiny chain next to the dimensions:

Or click on the triangle beside the custom button opens a dropdown menu  for presets dimensions:

Use the directional compass that is in the middle of the screen to place the recording box, identified with green lines, over the area you wish to capture on video:

Once the dimensions and recording box are set, click the large red REC button to begin recording.

After you have finished recording, Camtasia will replay the entire recording. To edit the video select Save and Edit:

Proceed to the instructions in the Editing Tab.