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alt=" "Call numbers relate to books' locations on the shelves.

Once you know the call number of a book, you can find it in the Library by checking our Where is it? Library Floor Plans

Use the “call #” tab/search to find the exact book shelf where items are located


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Legal Studies Books in the Dana Porter Library

Most books in Legal Studies are located on the 8th floor of the Dana Porter Library. The table below lists select subjects in Legal Studies with the call number ranges and floors where you will find these materials.

Select Subjects in Legal Studies

Call Number Ranges


Law in general / Comparative and uniform law / Jurisprudence       K1-7720 8
Jurisprudence / Philosophy and theory of law K201-487 8

Social legislation
(Labor law / Social insurance / Public welfare)

K1700-1973 8
Environmental law K3581-3598 8
Criminal law and procedure    K5000-5582 8
History of canon law    KBR2-4090 8
Law (Canada)    KE1-9450 8


Use the Library's Where is it? floor plans to pinpoint the exact location of books on the shelf when you have the call number.