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Philosophy : Find Articles

This subject guide describes the University of Waterloo Library's resources and services that support research in Philosophy.

Varieties of Articles

Scholarly Journal Article

Written by a researcher or expert in the field; appears in a peer-reviewed (refereed) journal

Book Review

Analysis of a book's style, content, and merit; often appears in peer-reviewed journals, but is not peer reviewed work

Popular Magazine Article

Appears in a weekly or monthly publication; not always signed; generally lacks citations or reference list

Newspaper Article

Appears in a daily or weekly publication, may be general interest or current events focus

Essay in a Collection

Sometimes called a "book article", it is a chapter in an edited book; search Primo on title of book or editor

Journal articles and books not available in Omni

If the material you need is not available in Omni, you can request it using the blank request form found at the top of the Omni results screen under Interlibrary Loan.

Suggest a purchase
Suggestions for new library acquisitions are welcomed using this form to recommend a purchase.


Search Databases to Find Citations for Articles

Check If a Journal is Peer-Reviewed

Want to check if a journal that you found articles in is peer-reviewed? Search for the journal in Ulrichsweb to see if it's "referred." If it is, you know that the journal is peer-reviewed.