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Research Data Management 2012: Poster Details

Poster Details

As part of Open Access Week, the posters will be on display for a week in the Dana Porter & Davis Centre Libraries.

For Data Management Day on October 25th, the posters will be moved to the DC Great Hall.

  • Final submission date is Friday, October 19th; the display will start October 22nd
  • Submit your poster to Rachel McNeil, 4th floor Library Office, in Dana Porter
  • Maximum poster board size is 4 x 4 feet

Poster Presentations

Posters will be on display throughout the day and will explore topics such as:

  • Managing research data from a Post-Doctoral Fellow point of view
  • Inclusion of research data with published journal articles
  • What does it take to make a data archive from a technical perspective?
  • GeoWiki/Citizen Science used in teaching
  • Workflow for Data Management
  • Specific services and repositories such as:
  • The Canadian Index of Wellbeing, Library Electronic Data Services, South-Western Ontario Research Data Centre (SWORDC)

An Example Poster

Poster illustrating the facets of a data life cycle.