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DRAFT: Altmetrics: Impactstory

Our Research

In 2019 the altmetric data provider Impactstory changed its name to Our Research.

Our Research continues to offer Impactstory as one of its projects, as well as:

Our Research Logo

About Impactstory

As another altmetric data provider, Impactstory:

  • Involves creation of Impactstory profiles where authors identify their works
  • Tracks available altmetrics and traditional metrics for works in the associated profile
  • Allows you to join for free with a twitter profile

Impactstory Logo

Data Sources

Impactstory uses data from sources such as:

Impactstory Profile

Use Impactstory to create a researcher-level profile. Impactstory will then track the available altmetrics and traditional metrics for the scholarly works in your profile.

The following example of an Impactstory profile includes achievement badges, a timeline of online mentions, and a publications list:

Screenshot of Impactstory profile overview page. Categories described above are shown as separate tabs or small boxes on overview screen.


Impactstory achievements are assigned to your profile to highlight the type of attention your work is getting and how that compares to the other researchers in the Impactstory database.

Achievements fall into 4 categories:

  1. Buzz - measures the amount of online discussion your work is generating
  2. Engagement - measures how people are interacting with your research
  3. Openness - measures how easy it is to access your research online
  4. Fun - includes less serious achievements, like being tweeted by a person named Richard

These achievements fall into gold, silver, and bronze levels based on how difficult they are to get.