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KIN 470 – Clinical Biomechanics of Musculoskeletal Conditions: Answering the Clinical Question

Answering the clinical question

foreground imageResources to support evidence-based decision making include knowledge syntheses which appraise the quality of studies and often make recommendations for practice (practice guidelines, systematic reviews).  For the most current research or to update past syntheses, use primary, original research studies to gather evidence.  

Clinical practice guidelines

"Guidelines are developed to help health care professionals and patients make decisions about screening, prevention, or treatment of a specific health condition"  National Cancer Institute.

CPG Critical Appraisal Tools:  Not all Guidelines are created equal.  Use your critical appraisal skills and the tools below to assess quality

Meta analyses and Systematic Reviews

Meta analyses and systematic reviews provide a high quality synthesis of published research and should incorporate the critical appraisal of all included studies 

Pubmed screenshot