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Indigenous Research Guide: Your feedback please

Your feedback please

Feedback process

This guide is meant to be an evolving research aid, developed in collaboration by Indigenous students from the Graduate Students Association, the Office of Research, and the Library.

The Library commits to facilitate a full-scale annual review of the Guide, inviting stakeholders as indicated above. In-between revisions, the team welcomes feedback from our research community to address immediate issues including but not limited to:

  • Technical problems (such as broken links): to be resolved by Library personnel on an ongoing basis.
  • Issues with content (such as inaccurate language, outdated resources, or changes needed based on current events): the Library will consult with stakeholder project partners and these issues will be resolved, depending on urgency, on an ongoing basis, or added to the list of items for discussion at the following annual review meeting.

Guide revision history

Latest revision:

2021-11-01 (Fall 2021 - First guide iteration)

Next scheduled revision:

2022-11-01 (Fall 2022)

You tell us

We welcome all feedback related to the Indigenous research guide at: