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Music: Find Books and eBooks

Book and eBook searching tips

To search for books about music in print at the Milton Good Library or other Omni libraries, follow these steps:

  1. Search in the Library catalogue (Omni) using the simple search field.
  2. Enter your keywords.
    • Note: when searching for a generic term like symphony or concerto, always use the plural form of the word
    • Note: the more keywords you use, the fewer the results
  3. Modify your results by Resource Type: Books & eBooks.
    • Do you need a book immediately?  Modify your results by Availability: Available in Waterloo Library to see only what is owned by UWaterloo libraries.  Keep in mind that it may take books from our Omni partners a few days to get here, so plan ahead.

Loan periods for Music items

  • Scores and books about music may be borrowed for 120 days.
  • Most listening materials (CDs and DVDs) may be borrowed for 14 days.
  • Music reference materials are library use only.
  • Music periodicals may be borrowed for 14 days, except the most currently received periodicals, which are library use only.

Searching Techniques

Use the following basic searching techniques to focus your search results

Apply Boolean operators

  • Use AND to search for multiple terms e.g. stock market AND trading
  • Use OR to search for synonyms e.g. teenagers OR adolescents
  • Use NOT to narrow your search e.g. apple NOT fruit

To search multi-word terms, enclose terms with quotation marks e.g. "climate change"

For alternate word endings use asterisk * e.g. attack* for attacks, attacking, attacker, etc.

Use question mark ? for single character wildcard e.g. wom?n for woman, women

If using multiple operators, group operators with parentheses as one would in a math equation e.g. (smoking OR tobacco) AND cancer