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History Research Guide: History 230 (Middle East)

Scholarly book & article sources

Primary sources

News sources (archives to current)

Government & non-governmental information sources

 google icon Customized Government Search

Canadian, US and International Government Documents Search - code courtesy of MADGIC, Carleton University
Non-governmental organizations and intergovernmental organizations searches - code courtesy of GODORT

Global arms trade data

Tips for searching for and accessing online materials

For each search:

1. Use good keywords to build search strings that will retrieve relevant documents containing all the aspects of your topic. Use the asterisk (*) to truncate words, use quotation marks ("  ") to force a phrase, and use OR with parentheses to group synonyms and AND to separate different concepts.

Here is a search string you can use and modify in the searches you do:

(covid* OR coronavirus) AND (women OR gender) AND ("global south")

2. Evaluate your list of results. Ask yourself is what I've found: 

  • recently published, so is likely to include up-to-date information? 
  • written by credible authors who are experts in the field?
  • presented in a balanced way, or if it is biased, it is clear how I might use it as an example/counter example in my paper?

What's scholarly, what's not?

Librarian for History & Political Science

Contact Jane Forgay for research help. Send me an email.