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Materials and Nanosciences Literature & Reports: Get started

What's in this guide for you?

  • It's a quick start, bringing together some key resources to get you started.
  • Contact me, your librarian, if you:
    • need other resources
    • want to work out a search strategy for gathering literature
    • have questions related to open access, data management,
    • have problems accessing the resources

Get articles, reports, data

  • these types of information are specific and current
  • generally, you don't learn about a topic from them but your knowledge is deepened

Get books, handbooks, reference works

  • books and reference works provide overviews, help you learn and understand a topic
  • handbooks provide specific information or instruction about a subject o

Get patents, standards

  • patents provide a time-limited, legally protected, exclusive right to make, use and sell an invention.
    • they may provide the most current information about a topic
  • standards are formal documents that establish uniform engineering or technical criteria, methods, processes, and practices

Your librarian

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Kathy Szigeti
Davis Centre Library
Room 1553
519.888.4567 ext.48785