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Finding Standards & Codes: TechStreet

What they are, how to find them and how to get them

Welcome to TechStreet

Waterloo began subscribing to the TechStreet database in 2017. TechStreet is a standards aggregator that provides access to standards from several organizations, including CSA, ISO, and BSI. 

You can access TechStreet using the link on the Library's Research Database page. When you are logged into TechStreet, you should see the Waterloo logo on the left hand side of the screen. 

Using TechStreet for the First Time

TechStreet makes it easy to search (on the top left side of the screen) or browse (on the top right side of the screen) for standards. The database is set up to automatically limit to standards within our subscription. 

TechStreet regularly provides training sessions for new users, advertised at the top of the homepage. You may choose to sign up for a training session in order to uncover the advanced features of this database. 

You may also wish to review the TechStreet User Guide to troubleshoot issues and get acquainted with the database. 

Create a Personal TechStreet Account

When you sign in to TechStreet through the Waterloo site, you will be granted access as a member of Waterloo university. However, you can also set up a personal account in order to access features like: 

  • Creating personalized lists of your most-used standards 
  • Creating lists of standards to use as course reserves for your classes
  • Getting updates when new versions of standards have been issued 
  • Purchasing standards using your personal funds and adding them to your Techstreet suite online
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