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Altmetrics: Get Started

About This Guide

Altmetrics measure research impact using alternate (or alternative) metrics.

This guide to Altmetrics addresses the following questions:

  • What are altmetrics?
  • Who provides altmetric data?
  • How is the quality of altmetric data ensured?
  • Where do I find altmetric data?
  • How do I use altmetrics to improve my professional applications?

Bibliometrics and Research Impact Librarian

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Laura Bredahl
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University of Waterloo
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Guides Relevant to Bibliometrics

Altmetrics are used to compliment other bibliographic measures.

To learn more about other measures of research impact, see the following guides:

Guide Authors

This guide is a co-creation of Lauren Byl, Kailee Hilt, Shannon Gordon, Laura Bredahl, and Stephanie Mutch.