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Sociology and Legal Studies: Find Articles

How Can I Tell If an Article is Peer-Reviewed?

Peer-reviewed articles may also be called “scholarly articles,” “academic articles,” or “referreed articles.” They are articles that have been reviewed by peers or experts in the author’s field of research/study.

Is an article is peer-reviewed?

  • Search for the journal title within Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory *note not the article title
  • If the journal is listed as “referreed” in Ulrich’s (it would have this referee image: Refereed symbol from Ulrichs), it is a peer-reviewed journal

Some clues that an article is peer-reviewed:

  • It's long. Generally peer-reviewed articles are at least 10 pages long
  • It references other research articles and has a list of citations
  • It has the author's contact information and scholarly credentials (i.e. where they work, their education)
  • It is published by an academic publisher or academic/professional association

If you're still not sure, contact your instructor or a librarian.

Journal articles and books not available in Omni

If the material you need is not available in Omni, you can request it using the blank request form found at the top of the Omni results screen under Interlibrary Loan.

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