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Sociology and Legal Studies: LS/SOC 322

About this Page

This page was created for students in SOC/LS 322 with Dr. Andrea Quinlan.

How to write a literature review

Below are come links with tips and suggestions for writing a great literature review


These guides can help you with your writing style &  especially with formatting citations.


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Suggested Databases to Search

To find peer-reviewed academic articles try searching any of the following

How Can I Tell If an Article is Peer-Reviewed?

Peer-reviewed articles may also be called “scholarly articles,” “academic articles,” or “referreed articles.” They are articles that have been reviewed by peers or experts in the author’s field of research/study. Not all articles in a peer-reviewed journal are peer-reviewed. Articles like book reviews or editorials for example are not peer reviewed.

Some clues that an article is peer-reviewed:

  • It's long. Generally peer-reviewed articles are at least 10 pages long
  • It references other research articles and has a list of citations
  • It has the author's contact information and scholarly credentials (i.e. where they work, their education)
  • It is published by an academic publisher or academic/professional association
  • It often has a Methods section along with a Results and Discussion section.

If you're still not sure, contact your instructor or a librarian.

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