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Gender and Social Justice: GSJ 304

This guide provides an overview of locating print and electronic resources in Gender and Social Justice at the University of Waterloo Library.

This page has been created for Dr. Katy Fulfer's course GSJ Research as Resistance.

Common Search Tips for Databases

Common Search Tips for Databases

Search for an exact Phrase

Use quotation marks to "paste" words together and force the database to find these words together as a phrase - "animal rights" 

Wildcards and truncation

Use wildcards and truncation when you're looking for documents that contain spelling variants, or words that begin with the same character string.

Character Description Example
? Wildcard - used to replace any single character, either inside or at the end of a word

nurse? Finds: nurses, nursed, but not nurse


Truncation character - retrieves variations of the search term. Use the truncation character at the end (right-hand truncation) or in the middle of search terms. Each truncated word can return up to 500 word variations.

farm* Finds: farm, farmed, farming, farms, farmer

colo*r Finds: color, colour


Suggested Databases

Methodology Information

For background information on your selected methodology search for books in the Library Catalogue or use the search box in Sage Research Methods to find resources.