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GIS Subject Guide: GIS Data

This Subject Guide provides you with many of the GIS resources you need to get started as well as continue using GIS in your coursework.

Sample Datasets

These are some examples of the datasets available from the Geospatial Centre :



Digital Elevation Models

Sample Map

Municipal Data

Sample City Map

Landuse and Parcel DataSample Land Use Map



Accessing GIS Data

GIS data are available from a variety of sources.  The Geospatial Centre has an extensive collection of GIS data available at  the local, and national levels.  Some data are available at the US and world levels as well. GIS Data are also available from a wide variety of sources online, typically from government organizations. Our website offers a comprehensive listing. Below is a recommended list of data sources :


Canadian Vector Data

Canadian Open Data

US and World Data

Imagery Data

The Scholars Geoportal (available online)


Historical Air Photo Project

Access over 1500 historical air photos of the Kitchener-Waterloo area.  Download them and view them in Google Earth!

Historical Air Photo