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Altmetrics: Altmetric Data

Who Provides Altmetric Data?

The three main providers of altmetric data include:

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NOTE: It is important to keep in mind that each of these altmetric data providers, and their sources, have only been around since ~2011, which makes their altmetric data very recent in nature.

Altmetric Data Code of Conduct

The "Outputs of the NISO Alternative Assessment Project," published in 2016, presented an Altmetrics Data Code of Conduct “aiming to improve the quality of altmetric data by increasing the transparency of data provision and aggregation as well as ensuring replicability and accuracy of online events used to generate altmetrics” (section 5).

Key recommendations of this code of conduct include:

  • Transparency
  • Replicability
  • Accuracy

This code of conduct encourages altmetric data providers and altmetric data aggregators to share an annual public report on how they have met the above recommendations.



Altmetric providers are encouraged to provide clear and well-documented verification of:

  • How the data is generated, collected, and curated

  • How the data is aggregated

  • When and how often the data is updated

  • How the data can be accessed

  • How data quality is monitored


Altmetric data providers are encouraged to deliver a set of data that will be consistent over time.
To do so, they should ensure that:

  • The data is generated using the same methods over time

  • Methodology changes and their effects are documented and thoroughly explained

  • Data errors are well documented

  • Data provided to different user groups is the same

  • Information is provided on how the data can be independently verified


Altmetric data providers are encouraged to provide accurate data were:

  • Known errors are identified and corrected

  • Limitations of the data are communicated

  • The data represents what it implies to reflect