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Altmetrics: PlumX

About PlumX


  • Is a suite of altmetric products from Plum Analytics
  • Provides article-level altmetric data (known as PlumX Metrics) through databases and journal webpages
  • Offers a subscription based impact dashboard for measuring research output
  • Focuses on the following metrics:
    • Usage - clicks, downloads, views, etc.
    • Captures - bookmarks, favourites, readers, etc.
    • Mentions - blog posts, comments, news media, etc.
    • Social media - shares, likes, tweets, etc.
    • Citations - citation indexes, policy citations, clinical citations, etc.

Plum Analytics Logo

Data Sources

PlumX Metrics use data from sources such as:

  • Facebook, Twitter
  • Amazon, Wikipedia
  • GitHub, Mendeley
  • Scopus, PubMed Central
  • And many more!

Visit for a full list of PlumX data sources.

Video: PlumX Overview

This video provides an introduction to PlumX. (YouTube video 01:02)

Plum Print

PlumX uses the Plum Print to visualize altmetric data.

PlumX deliberately does not aggregate their altmetric data sources into a single score.

Mousing over the Plum Print symbol reveals a pop-up box with more information on where the metrics for the article you're viewing came from. 

This is what Plum Print looks like in action:

Plum Print logo with pop-up box listing usage, captures, mentions, social media, and citations

Article-level Data

Various databases and journal websites have integrated PlumX Metrics into their platforms to provide article-level altmetric data.

Some popular platforms that make use of PlumX Metrics include:

For more information on PlumX Metrics in Scopus, see the Finding Altmetric Data tab of this guide.

As well as other open access journal websites and institutional repositories!

Institutional-level Data

Institutional subscriptions to PlumX are also available.

Subscribed institutions have access to customizable PlumX Dashboards which can be used to access altmetric data at the researcher, subject, journal, school/program, and institute/centre levels.

Note: The University of Waterloo does not currently subscribe to this resource.


The University of Pittsburgh's PlumX Implementation shows how PlumX Metrics can be used at the institutional level. Using PlumX Metrics, this institution is able to track the research impact of works added to their institutional repository and library published journals.

The following screenshot shows PlumX Metrics for one of the documents in the University of Pittsburgh's institutional repository. Citation, usage, captures, mentions, and social media counts are given at the top of the page, beside the article title, and broken down in detail throughout the rest of the page.

Long description in text preceding image.