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Altmetrics: Finding Altmetric Data

Finding Altmetrics with's Bookmarklet's Altmetric Bookmarklet is a free browser plug-in that allows you to pull up altmetric data on articles as you access them in your browser.

Articles must have a DOI and Google Scholar friendly citation metadata for the Bookmarklet to retrieve their altmetric data.

You can use the Altmetric bookmarklet to:

  • Pull up an article's score
  • See the overview of an article's online mentions
  • Get a link to more in-depth information including links to online mentions
  • Create email alerts that will notify you when an article is shared
NOTE: This tool is only compatible with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari browsers.

Finding Altmetrics in Scopus

Altmetric data is also available for some articles indexed in the Scopus database via Scopus Article Metrics feature:

Here's how to determine if altmetric data is available for a Scopus article:

  1. Locate the item in Scopus.
  2. Click on the article title to view the full record. 
  3. If altmetric data is available, the PlumX Metrics logo will appear on the far right of the record.
  4. Click on the downward facing arrow beside the PlumX Metrics logo to toggle open the "Plum Summary" which highlights the article's usage, captures, mentions, social media, and citations beyond Scopus. It will look similar to this :

Summary window shows metrics listed in preceding text as headings with mention types listed below

Finding Altmetrics in Other Resources

Many journal publishers now provide altmetric data at the article-level. For example, the journal publishers Elsevier, Nature, Springer, Taylor & Francis, and Wiley now capture this data if it is available.

The screenshot below shows the altmetrics that are available for an article published by Nature Publishing. Under the "Online attention" heading data from is shown, including the score, what percentile this score places the article in, and the number of mentions the article has received on various social media platforms, blogs, and news outlets. A written explanation describing how the article's score was determined is also listed.

Long description in text preceeding image.