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Primary Sources: Canadian: By theme: Military, race, gender ...

Locate sources relating to selected geographic areas and themes from Canada's past

Expo 67, Montreal's geodesic dome. Photo by Joe Wolf via Flickr.

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Military history

Many of the links in this section were compiled and annotated by Joshua Pride under the direction of Prof. Geoffrey Hayes, Winter 2014. Updated 2021.

Indigenous peoples

Race, gender, and social justice

  • Equality First: The Royal Commission on the Status of Women
  • Gay and Lesbian Emergence: Out in Canada
  • George Erasmus: Native Rights Crusader
  • Pot and Politics
  • Rights & Freedoms
  • Sue Rodriguez and the Right-To-Die Debate
  • The Berger Pipeline Inquiry
  • Trudeau's Omnibus Bill: Challenging Canadian Taboos
  • Voting in Canada: How a Privilege Became a Right

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Local / regional history

Comprehensive collections