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Living Architecture Systems: Find Books

Find books via Omni, the Library's catalogue


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Library of Congress Call Numbers

Here's how the collections of academic libraries are arranged identifying Library of Congress Call Numbers of interest to living architecture systems. You can search by Call number in OMNI's (UW's online catalogue) Advanced search option.

Recommended titles to start with

RIBA Library Subject Headings

Use the Royal Institute of British Architects Library catalogue (RIBA Index) to find the titles of articles and books which you can look up in Omni, Avery Index of Architectural Periodicals, and/or request via interlibrary loan. RIBA Library uses its own local subject headings instead of using Library of Congress controlled vocabularies. These are live links, and clicking on them will direct you to a results page in the RIBA Index.

Suggest a purchase

Suggestions for new library acquisitions are welcomed. Please complete the Contact Us form selecting Purchase request as the Topic.

Musagetes Library purchases depend on the relevance to teaching and research, funds available, costs, etc. In the meantime, you might try to obtain the required item through Interlibrary Loan.

Library of Congress Subject headings

This is a list of subject heading related to organic and living architecture that you can search for and combine with keywords, and other subject headings in Omni, catalogues of other university and college libraries, and WorldCat. These are live links, and clicking on them will direct you to a results page in Omni.

Architecture and biology Geotextiles Living Architecture Systems Group
Architecture -- Environmental aspects Geosynthetics Nature (Aesthetics)
Art and architecture Installations (Art) Organic architecture
Beesley, Philip, 1956- Interactive art Organism (Philosophy)
Biomechanics Kinetic art Sustainable architecture
Biomimetics Kinetic sculpture Synthetic fabrics in building
Biomimicry Ontology Object (Philosophy)


This is a list of keywords and key terms related to organic and living architecture that you can search for and combine with subject headings and other keywords in Omni, catalogues of other university, college, and museum libraries, and WorldCat. Try them also in databases, Google, and Google Scholar!

bio-architecture “evolutionary computation” nature
bio-design “genetic engineering” organicism
“biomorphic architecture” “growing living buildings” “protocell architecture”
“biomorphic design”  “living architecture“ “self-organizing architecture”
biosynthesis “living buildings” “soft living architecture”
“emergent architecture” “material computation” synbiodesign
“entangled materials” morphogenesis object oriented ontology (OOO)

Subject heading searching in Omni

With a list of keywords and subject headings try building new search statements in the advanced search option. Just make sure that your subject headings are written exactly as found in the catalogue or database.

Virtual browsing in Omni

In Omni you can virtually browse for nearby print books rather than having to come into the library. Unfortunately, ebooks are not included.

Subject heading searching in WorldCat

WorldCat is a union catalogue that itemizes the collections of +72,000 libraries in 170 countries and territories.Use it to locate books from other libraries which can then be obtained through interlibrary loan. Always select the advanced search and enter your subject headings exactly as found in the catalogue.

WorldCat search tips

Use index labels with your search terms to create text strings to search on any search screen:
  • au: searches for author, e.g. au:saint-arroman
  • su: searches for subject heading
    • can be used in combination with other operators, e.g. su:biology AND kw:architecture AND gc:canada AND yr:2020
Omni no longer supports proximity operators but WorldCat does:
  • use them to indicate relationship and optionally, position of search terms in relation to each other
  • near (or n) finds both terms, in any order, with no words between, ti:architecture n living