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Living Architecture Systems: Find articles

Key databases for this assignment

Fine arts databases

Google search tips

Both Google and Google Scholar have advanced search options. Check this list of of all 42 advanced search operators to optimize your searches.

Here is a list some of my favourite advanced search operators:

  • site: limit results to those from a specific website, e.g. university
  • excludes a term or phrase, e.g. jobs apple
  • AROUND(X) is a proximity operator which finds webpages containing 2 words or phrases within X words of each other, e.g. apple AROUND(4) iphone
    • the words “apple” and “iphone” must be present and no further than 4 words apart
  • map: forces Google to show map results for a locational search, eg. map:toronto
    • you can also combine this with search terms, eg. map:toronto architecture

Subject searching in Avery Index

With a list of keywords and subject headings try building new search statements in the advanced search option. Just make sure that your subject headings are written exactly as found in Avery Index.

Avery Index Advanced Search with Architecture and biology and Computation design entered on seperate lines, but both ebing search as Subject/artist.

CumInCAD Keywords

Unlike Avery Index, CumInCAD does not have traditional subject headings. It does have keywords you can search.

actuators “dissipative methods” “regenerative design”
“artificial intelligence” “emerging technologies” “responsive systems”
“artificial nature” eskin sensors
“art and technology” “generative design” “shape form and geometry”
“automated workflows” “interactive art” “signal flows”
bees “Living Architecture Systems Group” STEAM
“bioengineered systems” metabolism “synthetic biology”
biodigital neuroscience “synthetic cognition”
bioinspiration “new media art” technology
biology organicism “transformative hybrids”
biomanufacturing “robotic materials” “virtual design”
bioprinting robotics “virtual projections”
“digital art”