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ENGL 208G: Gothic Monsters: Get started

Your Research Survival Guide

Use this guide as you move forward with your research, especially for your write-up, presentations, and discussions in Unit 4. Here, you will find key databases and other resources to help you locate good quality research. 

About Databases

Databases are collections of reliable resources. When you are looking for scholarly sources to use in your research, these databases are the best places to look. The University of Waterloo Library subscribes to over 400 databases, many of which are subject-specific.

Database List

The following databases may be especially useful for your work in the ENGL 208G course.

For your presentation, you will discuss connections between at least two assigned works in Unit 4 and one outside primary source. You must also incorporate, in some way, one outside scholarly source. These databases can help you find films, literature, reviews, and more. 


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