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PLAN 625: eResearch Guide: Get started

Guide table of contents

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Additional Readings

Research Help
   Encyclopedias, Dictionaries
   Analysing the Research Question
   Preparing your research

Discover how to search the databases:

Find information on:

Keep current with core 
Journal Titles

Find and access

Step 1.

Current students may connect to the library's online resources from anywhere.

Log in via Get access from anywhere proxy server.

Being connected is KEY to accessing journal articles, conference proceedings, e-books, and more. If you suspect you are not connected, check to see if the word 'proxy' is somewhere in the URL. If you are experiencing ANY problems with access to these electronic resources, please contact me, or submit a Connect from home problem report.
Responses will vary, but queries are often resolved within one or two business days.

Step 2.

If you search in Google Scholar, try authenticating first through the Get access from anywhere, then find Google Scholar on the Research databases page (see Quick Links). All items available through the library's online subscriptions can be accessed through Google Scholar via the Get it ! @ Waterloo link.

Step 3.

Google Scholar is one resource amongst many. For a more comprehensive search I encourage you to explore the databases listed in this guide.For the full suite of resources relevant to Planning see the Research Databases for Planning.

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