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Research Data Management: Get started

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of Research Data Management (RDM) best practices, resources, and services available at the University of Waterloo.

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About this guide

Research data management (RDM) encompasses the processes applied throughout the lifecycle of a research project to guide the collection, documentation, storage, sharing, and preservation of research data. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of research data management at the University of Waterloo, including Waterloo's Institutional Strategy & Implementation Plan, information on best practices, learning resources and templates, and recommended data repositories and tools.

The Library can help students, faculty, and researchers with consultations, training, and data deposit support. Please email the Library's Research Data Management Services (RDMS) team with your questions or to book an appointment.

New to RDM? Start here!

Research Data Management Services (RDMS) at the Library

The Library offers Research Data Management consultations, data deposit support, and training and education services, including:

Research Data Management Consultation

  • Data management guidance
  • Selecting a repository
  • General RDM project planning
  • Active data storage
  • Data deposit


Training & Presentations

  • Introduction to RDM
  • Data management planning
  • Data deposit & repositories
  • Tri-agency RDM policy


Data Deposit Support

  • Preparing data for deposit
  • Depositing in Borealis

Research Data Management Librarian Team

This guide is the co-creation of Anneliese Eber, Sandra Keys, Kathy Szigeti, and Vicky Chung. Email questions, problems, or feedback to the Research Data Management Services (RDMS) team at